Phoenix Point: How to Recruit More Soldiers

On my first session I got most of my squad killed. Right after that I went to google, because I had no idea how to recruit new troops. Most results that google gave were either outdated. Thing is, in Phoenix Point you don’t get to recruit new soldiers the way you did in XCOM.

So how do you get new soldiers?

In short, you get new troops from Haven and if there is no soldier available to recruit, then there is no way for you to get new soldier. You have to wait till Haven randomly spawns soldier and then you have to go and recruit it. If you are lucky, you can also find soldiers when you discover new Phoenix Base.

Before you can start recruiting troops you need to finish “Haven Recruitment Protocols” research. After that you can start looking from map (Geoscape) Havens that have troops available for recruitment.

If you look on the image above, you see Haven with purple icon on it. Next to it is an orange human icon. This indicates that there is troop available for recruitment. Once you open up that Haven you should see button “Recruit Soldier”.

Sometimes the button is grayed out. If you hover you mouse over the button, it tells you what you are missing. Either you don’t have enough living space or you just don’t have enough resources to recruit the soldier. Once you recruit the soldier from that Haven, you have to wait till it randomly spawns new one. It spawns soldiers one at the time, so take care of your soldiers and don’t just send them randomly into death like I did on my first session.