Gold Farming Guide for BFA

When I started in BFA I also researched gold farming methods. Mostly people told that there is no method and if there was, people would not share. Thing is, there is and I am going to share it, because experience players already know it and do it, but those who are relatively fresh to this expansion doesn’t know it. As I write this guide game version is 8.2.5. If you are past this version, then this guide might not work for you.

So how does this work?

There are these things [Hardened Spring][Tempered Plating] & [Machined Gear Assembly] what you want to farm. Springs and Gears go around ~20g ea, while Plating goes around ~4g ea. Not much if you think so, but remember you are going to sell them in stacks of 100, because that is how easily they come and there is demand for these items.

To makes this work, you are going to need a group. Don’t worry, finding a group is not going to be problem as other people are doing this method do. You can find group from group finder, under customs, with keyword “spare”. Note: you want to turn war mode off for this thing.

You need a group, because you are going to kill elite monsters in Mechagon. Having a tank or not, is not gonna be issue, but better if there is one. Idea is that tank sits on one location and dps are going to pull nearby mobs to tank and then you are all going kill them in one locations and mass loot them. To keep this efficient, you want to keep pulling them nonstop and loot them as you go. This is the locations where you want to farm…

Having to farm hour or so may first sound tedious, but once you start doing it and things start to going efficiently, you wont even notice how time passes. All you see is how stacks in your bag just pile up.

Why are players buying these thing? What is creating demand for these items?

When I first heard about these things selling like crazy I asked same question myself, but apparently there is really logical answer to this. Know those skills, that you can unlock in medallion that your character is wearing. Some of those skills and upgrades require Spare Parts and in big quantities. Thing is, Spare Parts are soulbound and you can’t buy them from Auctions House, but what you can buy are these 3 things- [Hardened Spring][Tempered Plating] & [Machined Gear Assembly] , what players can combine and then convert to thing that gives you spare parts. So you see, these skills are creating demand for Spare Parts and this is why these three items sell well in Auction House.

Some Tips

  • Don’t put all stacks to sale at once: Lets say you have 10 stacks, you list them all to Auction House. What happens now is that when other player comes and lists his stack 1 copper cheaper, his stacks will be listed before your stacks and naturally cheapest stacks go first. So list few stacks, wait them to get sold or after few hours list few more stacks. This way you have better chances to get your stacks sold.
  • Use addons like Auctioneer and TSM (tradeskillmanager): Auctioneer makes listing items much easier and TSM can give you relative information like average price, but I mostly just use TSM to display my sales summary, like how much I am selling average each day.