Escape From Tarkov – Prapor level 2 task guide

Prapor’s 2nd task is actually very simple, if you read task description, what I didn’t. For some reason I didn’t think it would contain exact information where I have to go, but it does say exactly where to go.

By default there are 3 scavs on your path, but mostly they are dead by the time you get there. And there are some scavs around the dorm, but their patrol path wont take them inside the dorms. Even tho it can be done without firing single shot, you must factor in chance of players.


  1. After you spawn, you need to get over the river. There are 4 crossings, but I have found that top one is the safest one.
  2. Once you get to the dorms, you need to find the key. Its in 3 story dorm, on 2nd floor, in room that is partially blocked by bed. I recommend entering from right side (side that is facing to road). Going from this way makes things bit easier, because room is partially blocked and it is easier to enter from this side. It possible to enter from other side, but not so easily. If you enter my recommended side, then room you are looking for is 2nd or 3rd room on the right. Key is inside jacket that hangs on the wall.
  3. After you have found the key in dorms, you need to get to constructions site (marked with nr.3 on map). Be careful, there can be scav and it is popular place to pass trough by players. There is white tanker truck, with box just underneath truck door, so that you could jump on it. Once you open the door, watch is on the car floor.