Escape From Tarkov – Factory key spawn/drop locations

Factory key is most important key in game. It grants you two exit points and access to office, with military loot, in Factory map. In Customs it open shortcut, so that you don’t need to pass that nasty chokepoint at end that is filled with scavs. There are 6 spawn points to search in Customs.

factory key spawn points

Factory key spawn point (marked on map)

  1. First spawn point is in 3 storey dorm, on first level. In office/administration room on table, next to TV.
  2. Next spawn is at last choke point in customs, where are 4 scavs. Its inside bag, that is inside car (blue samara) trunk. There is chance also for key 114 and grizzly medkit.
  3. Is in warehouse, inside blue locker. Its a loose loot. Locker on the left wall.
  4. Is same warehouse as was 3, but it in the end of the warehouse on left side. It should spawn on couche next to dead scav.
  5. Is dead scav that is next to 4th spawn point