Prapor Task – Delivery from the Past

This task difficulty depends how good you are, because once you get the documents you also have to find a way to exit in Customs. You die, you have to find documents again. It's seems there is also flaw/bug in task, as you can do task third part – Survive Factory, without having done first 2 parts. I am not 100% sure if it works this way, but atleast task shows it checked.

escape from tarkov prapor delivery task map

Instructions ( Numbers on map )

  1. You need to find key to unlock office door in customs. Key can be found in file cabinets in blue booth that are near gates of spawn red warehouse.
  2. If you have found key, office is in red warehouse at spawn. Once you unlock door, it's 2nd room from righ and its an breachable door. Docs are on desk under the office table – really easy to miss if you don't know the location. Once you have docs you need to get to the exit point.
    escape from tarkov docs location
  3. Next you have to bring those Docs into Factory and hide it in swing room that is near exit. Once you get in that room you see message something like "F: Hide Documents". It takes about 30s, so in that time you can't aim or defend yourself. Good thing is that if you die in Factory, you don't need to do Customs agains, so Factory part can easily be done without gear.