How to make money easy and fast

Note: This guide was created long time ago so information in this guide could be expired.

At some point players might run out of money and scav runs don’t bring that much in. Sometimes you don’t even make out of raid alive and othertimes you make only few thousand roubles. Thanks to new respawn system and economy overhaul, you can easily make half mil in few raids. You need only to have safe container. I have smallest container (2×2) and I still got enough room.

Method 1: “Dogtag Run”

Each player has now dogtags, that are valued from around 40k average. Value fo dogtag is being calculated like this- 1500 * (player level). For example level 30 player dogtag value is 45k. 1500 constant value might get adjusted as development goes on.

To get dogtags you do Factory map runs. Players call it “Hatching” or “Axe runs”. Runs usually last only like 2-3 minutes. You take no gear into raid and you just try run fast to enemy and hit his head with axe. It takes only 1 hit from axe to kill your enemy.

At first it sounds stupid and you see no progress in it, but after some practice you get better at it as map starts feel familiar. Its best done if you also need levels. You run a lot, your endurance get levels and you overall level will increase. With 2-3 min you can easily gain 5k xp, but you also going to die a lot.

Note: Now that you can buy riot helmet from trader, axe runs are less efficient. Because you won’t to much damage to player who has riot helmet.

Method 2: “Money run”

This is my favorite method as file drawers contain keys and physical bitcoins, that can be sold for 100k+. This is best done when you also need “Factory Key” that spawns in Customs. There is no scavs in your route til droms, but there can be players. Usually after looting dorms, player have already either died or left the map and left dead scav for you to get some gear.

This method works because thankts to new spawn system we can start doing Customs map from right to left. This method also involves running with axe, but doesn’t involve killing others. Idea of this method is to run cash registers, safe and file drawers. Loot only money and valuables that you can stack into safe container. If you have keychain, you can also collect keys. Key values are around 1k-3k rubles. Most valuable thing is “Physical Bitcoin”, that is worth 100k+ rubles and spawns in safe and file drawers.

Dashed line is optional. Either their have low value or they aren’t always open.

1) Factory key spawn. Check next to dead scav or blue locker for key
1.5) Some have found “Factory key” from there.
2) Gas station has 3 cash register. There is also safe, but that room needs key. At this moment I have no idea what key and where to get that.
2.5) Needs factory key, but always check it even when door is closed. Sometimes players have passes through and door gets unlocked. Inside is one file drawer.
3) Two story dorm has two file drawer on second floor, in room that is on one side of the building and has steel bars on the door. You can check other rooms too. There is safe on first floor, but that room needs a key.
4) File drawer on first floor in administration room. Also you can check other rooms.
5) Shop has one cash register.
6) Same as 5

Basically after 6 you can run to exit. Check river, exit location there might be open, but most of the times it is closed. If you don’t have loot in pockets you can go for 7,8,9

7) Blue building has 1 file drawer.
8) Same as 7
9) Needs a key, there is safe in that room.

Note: Sell valuables to trader who pays you most. I usually sell to therapist as she offers best price.