Rust – What you need to know before buying

Compared to other survival games, Rust is more like arcadish action packed survival game, that has been designed around building your base and gathering resources. First thing you need to know is that servers get wiped. Depending on server size, it gets wiped every 2 or 3 weeks. Sometimes they don't wipe blueprints and sometimes they do.

Rust focuses heavily on building a base, gather resources and keep upgrading your base, armors and weapons. As game gets wiped every now and then, its best played right after wipe. Because then you won't be in situations where others have already access to rockets and C4, that can wipe out your base.

When it comes to base, its only strong as it has been built. Bases have no magical shield or protection. If player got tools, they can wipe your base completely out and you'd have to start almost from 0. Only thing they can't steal from you are blueprints you have learned. Every base needs also resources to keep them safe from decay. If your base runs out resources it starts to decay.

At one point the changed how crafting works. Now to craft medium to high tier weapons and armors, you need first to have learned blueprint. You can find blueprints from crates on roadside, try your luck and experiment on workbench or turn item into blueprint. Last two methods need scrap metal that is quit hard to farm.

Game play experience can be different based on where you are playing. Some servers allow only solo playing, means you may not team up. Some servers are bigger than others. Some servers have map procedurally generated map, while others have always same map after wipe.There are modded server and there are official servers. 

There is no solitude. When you start building your first base you might be looking place that is away from other. There really isn't that kind of place. After wipe you might find that place, but few days after wipe there will be base next to base.

It can be frustrating…

Even tho Rust is fast phased it can be sometimes really frustrating. Its not great feeling when you have spent sometime building a base, just to next day to come only and see that your base has been taken over players while you were offline.

… and It can be really exciting

Many times I have felt like I was playing Purge game- sitting in my base while other are trying to get inside. When I started playing, I never built my base in a mind that I have to protect it, from inside out. I was just trying to get to know the game. First thing I learned was 2 sets of doors- There can always be someone camping behind your door. So if enemy kills you while you have opened door he gains access to your base without destroying any doors or walls.