Last Day on Earth: Guide to Farm

Farm is single layer red zone, that has 48 hour cooldown. First time entering the Farm you have to fix the bridge. Its a one time build and it doesn't require anything rare, like steel or electric circuits. To make it clear- you don't have to rebuild bridge after Farm resets.

Compared to Bunker, Farm is shorter and easier. Common enemies are Rotten Yokel, who is basically buffed Fast Biter and Savage Giant, who is basically little brother of Frenzy Giant from Bunker. Additionally there are sometimes Infected Wolves and either one or two raider duos. One of raider will be using melee, while other will have gun. Infected Bull, who is most iconic monster for this locations, is also the least notable monster in there. He moves slow, has no special attack and you don't even have to kill them. Biggest monster in Farm is Ravager, it comes with 2000 hp, but he isn't really dangerous. He do have special attack similar to Toxic Spitter, but its relatively weak and easily avoidable. 

As Farm has bit easier enemies than Bunker, it also aint that rewarding. Most enemies doesn't drop anything valuable. Correctiong, they don't drop at all. Even the Ravager with 2000 hp only drops few commons things, but there is a chance he will drop Big Bone, that you need in some mods. There are some sacks laying around that might contain rare thing, like 14 Oak or they contain only some common items. Farms big payday is at the end of the location. 

When clearing Farm out of the enemies, you come across with chest that is locked. To open this chest, you have to carry it to the top of the zone, where is this saw that starts cutting it open. As it starts cutting, all enemies, that you didn't kill (except bulls) will charge at the saw. This why its important to clear Farm from enemies before you start cutting chest open. When you cleared the Farm only few zombies will run to saw and they are easily killable with melee. Also there is high chances that zombies inside the barn will break out. It is said that there is 90% chance them to break out of it. Barn usually contains few Yokels and 3 Savage Giants. Inside the barn is broken chopper and puppy. Chopper usually contains something like 1 steel or copper bar, engine parts and aluminum, but there is possibility it to contain gas tank. Chest, that you cut open, usually contains 1-2 weapon mods, magazines, gun, modded melee and some other things.

Chest might also contain scythe. Its unique weapon to Farm and is bit stronger than saw blade, but not that much better.

What to take into Farm?

Usually I take full T3 armor (Tactical Armor), but I believe T2 is also fine. Some machetes, one heavy hitter (Saw Blade or Skull Crusher), few guns, food/bandages and Iron Axe, that I always forgot to take. You need Iron Axe to break down door inside the house and there are also 2 oaks that you might want to cut down. I am player that doesn't use wall glitches or any other glitches, so for me this is what I usually take with me to Farm.

Help, barn didn't open

Its normal, barn doesn't always open. It is said that there is 90% chance that zombies inside will break the door.

Is Farm Worth?

Many players have told that Farm reward is kinda "meh". You spend armor, guns, melee, food and you don't get that well rewarded. Can't say I disagree with those people, Farm doesn't really have that good loot… But most of those people (including me) might have been farming Gas Tank in bunker for ages. What means we are already past the point, where Farm is providing good loot. 

Even tho the rewards are not that good, it still greatly boosts 3 things- puppies, exploration skills and mods. Basically now every 2 day you are getting weapon mods, puppies and magazines, that provide experience into exploration skills. Before Farm, I was always low on puppies, now I have more than I can feed.