Fallout 76: How to create bullets fast and easy

Right now you might be creating bullets by killing enemies and scraping their weapons. Other method might be that you have taken Ammunition Workshop and letting it to generate bullets. Maybe slowest and most time consuming method you might be doing is that you have taken lead and metal producing workshops.

The best method

This method bases on mining, smelting and crafting, but all this is done with right gear and perks. This means it might not suit for you, if you just started.

What people don’t know, is that mining while wearing excavator power armor increases ore yield 4 times. After you have ores, you equip correct perk cards and start crafting. Under luck you want Super Duper (30% chance to double crafting result). Now every time you smelt ore or craft ammo, there is chance you get double. Under agility you want to equip Ammo Smith (80% more ammo). Beauty is that you get combo wombo from Super Duper and Ammo Smith.

Lead and Iron ain’t the problem, but Acid might become, if you don’t what items to keep eye on. If you are smarter, you put your camp on acid node, so that your can