Fallout 76: Guide to backpacks and how to obtain your first backpack

To get your first backpack your are required to do two daily quest, complete series of challenges and revive player.

Getting quest

Like previous quests, you start from train station by reading the poster or buying plan from Atom shop and putting it up on your camp and reading from there.
After reading the poster, it should mark now robot location on the map, that gives you the quest. If not, the robot is located in Pioneer Scout Camp, in Toxic Valley. Basically look for SE part of the Toxic Valley.

Reviving the player

As solo player, this is something I didn’t put my focus on when starting doing the quest. I left it for last and started doing other parts of the quests and hoped that opportunity will prevail to me while doing other things.
But if you want, you can always ask a friend or other player to help you out and if you do so, better kill and revive in shallow water stream, because later you might wanna do Swimmer challenge. (I didn’t and this guide wont include Swimmer challenge)

Daily quests

These quests are pretty much straight forward. One in Toxic Valley requires you to pick thing up close by and put them into barrel. 
The one in Mire is bit more difficult as it requires you to kill insects and gather their body parts, but because other players might be also doing them, there might not be enough insects and you have to wait or change server.
PS: When doing insects body parts collecting daily, don’t scarp junk. Otherwise you are going to scrape quest items.


This is the part that confused player. Quest says you need to collect badges, but doesn’t tell you how to get them. To earn badges you have to complete challenges. They added new challenges that reward you badges instead of Atom. Go to your challenges menu and look under world. There you should find 10 new tadpole challenges. Easiest challenges are said to be: Athlete, Archer and Swimmer. Because Swimmer requires you to revive player in water, I did Hunter instead.

Tadpole: Athlete

It should be the easiest in the list. It requires you to complete 3 running courses and using aid items to boost your strength and agility to 5 or more, if they aren’t already. And like all other, you have to take exam that consist on 5 random questions about Athleticism. 
Getting Strength and Agility to 5: Just used aid or food that gives you these stats. You only need to get it 5 or more only temporary.
Camp Venture Athletic course: Starting point is rather outside the walls, to south.
New River Gorge Bridge Athletic course: Starting point is at New Gorge River Bridge – East, beginning of the bridge
Sunnytop Ski Lanes Athletic course

Exams correct answers:
  • 10000 meter dash
  • 26.219 miles
  • 29 feet
  • 4
  • 5
  • 90 feet
  • A belay device
  • A dog
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Enforcer
  • Firing a starting gun
  • Javelins
  • Lactic acid
  • Pull-ups
  • Put it
  • Quarterback
  • Refuse and report him to the Scout Leader
  • Runner’s high
  • The clean and jerk
Full list with tadpole exam questions with answers can be found here: https://nolife.gg/guide/58835/fallout-76-tadpole-exam-answers

Tadpole: Archer

Sadly this challenger doesn’t come with bow and instead of it, you are using crossbow. This challenge consist on killing enemies with crossbow, creating bolts for crossbow and repairing your crossbow. Taking shooting test and exam. PS: Killing with crossbow doesn’t mean you have to shoot, you can also bash enemies to death and it will count towards the challenge
Craft crossbow bolts: Nothing confusing here. Just craft the bolts for your crossbow. 
Repair crossbow 3 times: Don’t equip perk card that repairs over 100%. If you do, it is faster to scrap the crossbow and create new. Bash thing with your bow until it loses some durability then just repair it. You don’t have to break the crossbow, you just have to get its condition below 100% to repair it. 
Kill 50 enemies: Its best be done in the lowest zone and remember, you don’t have to shoot them, you can also bash them.
Shooting test: Shooting range is basically in same area as were you get the quests, just little bit to west. To start the test, you need to press that thing that plays recorded message.
Exam correct answers: 
  • 10
  • 64,000 years ago
  • 8
  • Aim the bow downward and slowly release tension on the bowstring
  • Arbalist
  • Bodkin Point
  • Bowyer
  • Broad head Point
  • Compressor
  • Crossbow
  • Find the nearest overhead cover and demand Jimmy lay down his bow
  • FPS (Feet Per Second)
  • He shot an arrow which hit another arrow, splitting it down the middle!
  • None of the above
  • Quiver
  • Shell
  • Toxophilite
  • Wait for the all-clear signal from the supervising Mr. Handy
  • Walk forward and retrieve your arrows
  • You
Full list with tadpole exam questions with answers can be found here: https://nolife.gg/guide/58835/fallout-76-tadpole-exam-answers

Tadpole: Hunter

This challenge mostly consist on killing thing with different weapons. I chose this over Swimming challenge mostly because it didn’t require reviving other player and it has minor synergy with Archer challenger. As Archer requires killing with crossbow and Hunter requires killing a ragtag with crossbow.
Kill radstag with black powder rifle: Radstag is easy to find in Toxic Valley and remember you don’t have to shoot. You can also bash him to death with required weapon.
Kill radstag with crossbow 
Kill radstag with hunting rifle
Kill yao gui with Automatic rifle: Easiest place to find Yao Gui is to go Philippi Battlefield Cemetery, its located east part of Toxic Valley.
Kill yao gui with shotgun
Kill yao gui with a pipe syringer: Syringer doesn’t do much damage, so the key is to first use other weapon to take yao gui hp down and then finish him of with bashing with syringer. 
Kill wolf with knife: Wolves are common enemies in Forest, but if Leader of Pack even is up, you are guaranteed to meet wolves there.
Exam correct answers: 
  • 44 caliber
  • A blind
  • A deer (two questions have this as answer)
  • A leg-hold trap
  • A ramrod
  • A snare
  • A trail or desire path
  • American black bear
  • Bloodhound
  • Decoys
  • Freshwater rivers
  • Invasive
  • Maintained his firearm properly
  • None of the above
  • Open skinning
  • Shank
  • Shotgun
  • The passenger pigeon
  • Turn him in for poaching
Full list with tadpole exam questions with answers can be found here: https://nolife.gg/guide/58835/fallout-76-tadpole-exam-answers

About reward and backpacks

After finishing the quest, you get backpack, skin and ability to create backpacks. The backpack you get as reward is low level, so destroy it and create higher level if you can use it. Because higher level backpack comes with better capacity.

Things about backpacks

  • You can’t sell backpack, drop or give it to other players.
  • Modifying your backpack doesn’t change it visual. Backpack look only changes by applying skin to it and as you know, skins comes from Atom store.
  • Backpack mod plans can be bought with possum badges, from vending machines.
  • possum badges can be earned by completing world challenges, scouts daily quests and camp event.
  • Backpack mod plans can be dropped or sold.