Fallout 76: Guide How To Unlock Backpack Mods

Backpack mods are unlocked by buying plan from Possum Vending Machine. They cost around 3-8 Possum Badges and here is full list of mods with their effects: https://nolife.gg/guide/63140/fallout-76-backpack-mod-list-with-their-effects. Now the question is, where do you get these Possum Badges…

Where to get Possum Badges?

Challenges: There are now new challenges under world section, that earns you 1 Possum Badge each. Not gonna lie, it’s a very tedious and slow way to earn yourself 1 badge. Positive side is that, there is not much of RnG involved as completing the challenge you are guaranteed to get 1 badge.
Daily quests: With backpacks game two new daily quests. Each of them has chance to reward you with 1 Possum Badge addition to other rewards. Chances are around 25% and these quests can be activated from terminal in your camp.
Tip: Don’t focus on doing daily quest that requires insects parts. Campfire Tales event spawns insects and this way you are not only getting done with event you are also progressing the quest.
Event: Backpacks also brought new event, Campfire Tales, what takes place in Camp Adams. Even consists on listening robot that is telling  story and doing short tasks, like killing low level mobs and collecting dry kindling for the camp fire. For final task there is two scenarios: kill insects in waves with last wave having legendary monster or killing legendary monster. In both scenarios legendary monster drops low level legendary item. It is important that you don’t let campfire to go out or else its a failed event. Chances event to reward you Possum Badges is 25%.
25% aint much, but if you want to earn 8 badges in single day, it is the way to go. Event is starting every night, but if you server hop, it is night and even doesn’t start, then chances are that event was already done in that server.

Long Story Short

Possum Badges are earned from: two daily quests, Campfire Tales event and Challenges. Quests and Event has around 25% chance to reward you badge instead of caps.