Fallout 76: Backpack mod list with their effects

Remember, the first backpack comes with already Standard mod.  Some might think:”Hey, the mod said +30 carry weight, I already had +60, why I am not getting 90 carry weight from backpack”, but that is not how it works. Standard comes with +60 Carry Weight Mod and if you replace it with something like Armor Plated Mod, your backpack now provides +30 carry weight.

List of All Backpack Mods With Their Stats and Effects

  • Standard: +60 Carry Weight, +1 Damage Reduction
  • High Capacity Mod: -60 RR, -60 ER, +120 carry weight, +1 Damage Reduction
    Note: It seems if you don’t have any Rad Resistant bonus, the -60 RR wont affect you. But it could be just visual bug.
  • Armor Plated Mod: +90 Damage Resistant, +30 Carry Weight.
  • Insulate Mod: +90 Energy Resistant, +30 Carry Weight, +1 Damage Reduction.
  • Lead lined mod: +90 Rad Resistant, +30 Carry Weight, +1 Damage Reduction.
  • Refrigerated Mod: Slows down food spoiling, +30 Carry Weight, +1 Damage Reduction.
    Note: It is hard to say how much it actually affect. Players have reported that food lasts around 5 days without going bad. Also this mod doesn’t stack with perk cards.