Fallout 76: Guide to The Purveyor, Her Location and Prices

Purveyor is new vendor, that sells you the random legendary items for currency called scrip. You get to choose between ranged weapon, melee weapon and armor. You also get to decide whether you want 1, 2 or 3 stars on weapon. After that, you are given random legendary item from category you chose. With Purveyor, it is now available to obtain legendary scout armors, that before were not available, maybe except few pieces that were rewarded from quests.


New vendor is at Berkeley Spring Station. When you fast travel to location or login to game at that location. The door might be closed. So you have to wait minute or two, it to load.

With release of Wastelanders DLC her location has been moved to Rusty Pick in Ash Heap: https://nolife.gg/guide/106362/fallout-76-purveyor-new-location


1 Star

  • Random legendary armor – 15 scrip
  • Random legendary melee weapon – 25 scrip
  • Random legendary ranged weapon – 25 scrip

2 Stars

  • Random legendary armor – 30 scrip
  • Random legendary melee weapon – 50 scrip
  • Random legendary ranged weapon – 50 scrip

3 Stars

  • Random legendary armor – 60 scrip
  • Random legendary melee weapon – 100 scrip
  • Random legendary ranged weapon- 100 scrip
  • Murmrgh’s mystery pick – 65 scrip Apparently this one did not make to release. Not sure if it’s a bug or “feature”

Things to think about

  • If you are looking for good ranged weapon, it might be smarter to buy 2 star rolls over 3 star rolls, because when you look at all available effects on ranged weapon (https://nolife.gg/guide/66010/fallout-76-list-of-all-possible-weapon-effects) you see that 3rd effect (Minor) has nothing worthy in list. So instead of spending 100 scrip on a 3 star roll, buy 2 star roll and spend 50% less. Means you get twice the rolls.
  • If Murmrgh’s mystery roll actually comes, this might be the other smart move to go for if you are in need of both weapons and armor.