Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter Guide

This is mostly general guide into Nuclear Winter, with some tips & tricks. If you already have played few hours, then mostly you won’t have nothing to gain from this guide. This rather to those who want to know what is Nuclear Winter and how it works.

What is Nuclear Winter?

In short, it’s a Battle Royale, a game mode where you run around on map and pick up gear. While you are gearing up, you are running to other player and have to battle with them or if you want, you can ignore other player and sneak around. There is timer and as timer runs out, the map goes smaller. Game ends, when last player or team is standing. If you die, you die. In next game, you start from 0 again.

Difference with other such games?

Mostly Nuclear Winter doesn’t bring anything special from positive side onto table. Most different thing from other Battle Royale games, is the perks cards, but it also means there is unfair aspect to game. You see, playing Nuclear Winter unlock new parks cards, that are only usable in this mode. Thing is, the way you get these cards are random and it isn’t guaranteed that you get card that you don’t have. So basically you could be fighting against player who have good cards unlocked (cards that boost damage 40%+), while you don’t. 

Crates are not rewards

Most confusing thing has been the rewards. Some rewards have crate icon and title “Epic Loot Crate”. People have automatically assumed that these are something that you have to open to get loot… No! These are not such rewards. There are either player icons or CAMP items, and if you got one of these, they are automatically unlocked under Atom store.

Full list of rewards: https://nolife.gg/guide/70315/fallout-76-nuclear-winter-rewards-images

Tips & Tricks

  1. Lose the blue jumpsuit – Being naked is better than being in bright blue jumpsuit that stand out in nature.
  2. Play in 3rd person – It’s already know that 3rd person gives edge over first person, as you can check over the corner without revealing yourself. In Fallout 76, it is also better to aim with 3rd person as then you have just single dot as crosshair instead of ironsights.
  3. Use headset – It is hard to notice players inside foliage, but it is very easy to hear them.
  4. Sneak – Sound is easily the greatest give away. World is full of bushes, where it is easy to miss player, but if you listen you can easily hear those players. This also means, that they can hear you. This why it is smarter to move in sneak mode.
  5. Marking – It is hard to tell, how exactly are people marked with red arrows. Currently most promising explanation is that people get marked when they shoot and you are facing on their direction. 
  6. Want exp fast? – Don’t bother with combating with other. Game is full of cheaters and hackers. Just sit in bushes. More you wait, the more you get exp.