Fallout 76: Where to find Hunter’s Long Coat?

Hunter’s Long Coat is one most popular items, that players are trying to get their hands on. The thing is, you need little bit luck and dedication as the item you want is being sometimes sold by vendor, that sometimes spawn as random encounter. Ain’t that a nice (sarcasm). Well, if it was too easy to get, then it wouldn’t be something that players are looking for. 

Hunter’s Long Coat used to be items that you could trade for top tier weapons, but at one point there was exploit found inside the game and people duplicated Hunter’s Long Coat, what brought price down to 5000 caps. You might check the markets, but probably no one is selling.

Here is how you get Hunter’s Long Coat

It is being sold by Responder Vendor Bot, that spawns as random encounter near Charleston Station. As I said earlier, it is not 100% that it has one for sale. This means you are going to have to switch server if in your current server ain’t spawning.
  1. Go to Charleston Train Station
  2. When facing Charleston Train Station, run along the track either left (South) or/and right (north).
  3. When moving to left, follow the railroad, cross first red bridge and head back. Check the red shed on the right. If he is not there, do what is written on next point, if you haven’t already done. 
  4. When moving to right, go top of the hill, across red bridge. You probably don’t have to cross the bridge, half is good enough, but to be sure just cross it. Head back and if it doesn’t spawn on hill, then do what written in previous point if you haven’t already done.
  5. If you have done point 3 and 4, then switch the server.
  6. When loading into new server, you should spawn on the railroad looking at south and seeing Charleston Station. In front of you should be Petrified Corpse. I usually kill it, just to mark server for myself. This way if I load into new server and corpse is not there, I know there is high chance that I have been put into server that I have already been.

What is Random Encounter?

In Fallout 76 there are predefined locations where special NPCs spawn or event like thing happens. For example: Horde of Super Mutants cross paths with Horde of Scourged and battle breaks out. Or for another example is that there is this Eye Bot moving along the road, playing flute and is being followed by pack of rats. Some monster, like Deathclaw spawned in these random encounter are also tamable.

There is no official saying how the Random Encounter actually work, but as far as the testing goes, we know that they are triggered by walking into random encounter area. Once the encounter it triggered, it stays up for some time and then goes onto cooldown before encounter in that area can be triggered again.