League of Legends Free Skins

3 skins you can get are for: Garen, Tristan and Alistar, that only requires you to follow offical Riot social media pages. There are also 2 other skins that can get free, but they require you to get affiliates and takes much more work to get. I started playing at season 2 and at that time Riot was promoting these 3 skins on their offical site. Now, they have removed those advertisments and only those who know about it can tell you.

Basically what you have to do, is that you have like/follow Riot social media pages (Facebook, Twitter) via 3rd party site, woobox.com. It's 100% legal and doesnt require account creation or anything else. You find below all the links for each skins.
Long story short: Get free skins for following Riot social media pages.

How to get free Riot Girl Tristan skin

To get this skin you must Follow Riot facebook page. Each region has specific link, so make sure you use right one. After following a facebook page you get instantly code that you can redeem in League of Legends.

free riot girl tristan skin for league of legends

How to get free Dreadknight garen skin

To get Dreadknight skin (and free Garen champion if you don't have it) for free, you have to follow offical Riot twitter. Just like with Tristan skins, this also must be followed by special links.

free garen skin for league of legends


How to get free Unchained Alistar skin

To get Unchained Alister skin (and free Aliester champion if you don't have it) for free, you have to subscribe to offical Riot YouTube. Just like with Tristan and garen skins, this also must be done by special links. It seems you can only get Unchained Alister skin for free in EUW, EUNE and NA servers.


How to redeem free skins?

Open your League of Legends launcher. Go to store, then account (small icon on right corner of store) and then on left, redeem codes. Here is picture with step order marked as red.

How to redeem league of legends free skins