Fallout 76: Guide to Meat Week

This seasonal event, that last for 7 days, consists in two parts- Collecting the meat event, what is called “Primal Cuts” and cooking the collected meat, what is called “Grahm’s Meat-Cook”.

Collecting the meat aka Primal Cuts

This event is supposedly happening every 15 minutes on the map. Each region has this event, but only 3 events at the time are being started. What means there are 3 difficulties at the time- easy, medium and hard. Rewards ranging from 3 Prime Meat to 5 Prime Meat, depending on the difficulty.

When event is happening in the region you are, then you get notified otherwise you wont.  So you might wanna check map every now and then if you want to do this event.

After you have found the event and traveled to location, you must make some noise. To do that, there is barrel that you can interact with. The barrel works like the music instruments.

Once you are done with making noise, the monsters start to come in waves. The last wave might contain 1 star Legendary monster, but as I said, it is not guaranteed. Some regions contain monster like Yao Guai and Snallygaster in waves. These monsters are great source of acid and those who know, acid basically equals free ammo.

The Prime Meat you get as rewards from this event, are used in next event. Thing is, this meat spoils like every other meat, so make sure you actually pay attention to it and use it as soon as possible. If you have, you might wanna use “Good With Salted” perk card or mod your backpack with refrigerator mod.

Cooking the meat aka Grahm’s Meat-Cook

This event takes place every full hour. Grahm’s Meat-Cook event consist on doing different activities, like making noise on barrels, extinguishing wild fires, cleaning the area and so on. There is this meter, if you don’t keep meter over minimum fill limit by the time runs out, then event fails. If you will the bar, the event is automatically completed, whether there is time left on the clock. The Prime Meat can be turned into Scrip, but it is limited to 15 meat for 15 scrip per event.

Problem with this event is that it doesn’t tell what player needs to do, so it is very common for players to fail at this event. There are multiple activities you can do, to keep filling the meter. So here are the things you can and must do…
  1. Extinguishes Fires: There are fire randomly happening in event area. Just go to fire and interact with it to put it out.
  2. Scoop Stinky: The brahim that is walking around in event area keeps taking a shit all over the place. Your job is clean behind her. Just find the turd and keep spamming interaction button.
  3. Play with barrels: There are 3 barrels that act as instruments. Just go and start playing.
  4. Turning the meat: There are 3 meat grills that needs to be keep turning. Thing is, you can’t interact with the grill, but you have to interact with the the turning knob.
  5. Picking up the bones: There are bones in the area that needs to be picked up
  6. Filling Containers: There are two containers. One for meat that you get from killing opossums and squirrels in event area. Second container are for greens. Greens are specific plants that have just name “Greens”.
  7. Primal Meat: There is this pot where you can put your primal meat. Each time you put, you get scrips in return. You can fill 3 times, with 5 meat and get 5 scrips in return each time.
  8. Brahim Feed: Grahm sells special recipe for 100 caps. It allows you to start cooking Chally’s Feed, that can be used on event to fill Chally’s feed container.


Each time you succeed with “Grahm’s Meat-Cook” you are rewarded with 1 Star Legendary Item, along with something from below list.


  • Bloody Chef Outfit
  • Bloody Chef Hat
  • Grillmaster’s Hat – This is black colored version of Bloody Chef Outfit. There is also Grillmaster’s Outfit, but it is only obtainable via Atoms.


  • Red Fireworks Mine
  • Tenderizer
  • Meat Cleaver
  • Recipes:
  • Recipe: Tato Salad


  • Plan: Spicy Tenderizer Mod
  • Plan: Peppered Tenderizer Mod
  • Plan: Salty Tenderizer Mod
  • Plan: Meat Cleaver
  • Plan: Meat Week Flag