Fallout 76: Guide to Vault 94

Vault 94 is first instance group content in Fallout 76. Even tho it doesn’t require players to group up, it is suggested. This what we know so far and this article gets updated and specified when more information comes along.

What does Instanced mean?

It means that when you do Vault 94, server creates separated instance for you and your team. Players outside the group can’t interfere with your instance.

Weekly Missions

Vault 94 has a mission, that rotates every week. There is total 3 missions. Each day you can complete one mission on one difficulty. This means you can do Vaults 3 times a day.

Mission “Dead in the Water”

Basically this missions consist from 4 or 5 phases. Doing solo Novice difficulty I needed more than 3000 rounds of 5.56 for my Automatic Handmade. Radiation is going to be a thing as you are always near enemies that emit radiation or you are going to be in water. So make sure you have radaways or rad resistance in someway. If you are going to use chems make sure you take food and water. Also take resources to repair the gear. There are workbenches along the way, but the last boss may take so long that you wanna have repair kits to repair your weapons middle of the phase. The whole Vault can take few hours to complete as solo.

Phase 1: You just have to repair pipes while getting attacked by mobs.

Phase 2: Similar to previous phase, you have to repair pipes and kill the enemies, but in this phase there is extra step. You have to find ID card of engineer. Basically in terminal it tells where the engineer can be and card location is somewhat random. (Also it might be that from this terminal you get list of “Flood Control Pump Restart Codes”. Better write those down as you are going to need to enter those later.)

Usually I have gone to councils room, from there I have found either key to nursery. From nursery I have either found the ID card or key to another location like workshop where then I have found the ID card.

Phase 3: This is the worst phase of the Vault, because it consist from doing multiple activities (4-6 activities in total), that are timed and if you fail you start from first activity. Activities are not always same.

  1. Fuses Upwards: Computer tells you fuse number that you have to set upwards, while other are downwards. Not hard, just write numbers down.
  2. Find the keys: These are green keys. They spawn in first floor and 2nd floor, on random predefined location, but not all locations have keys. Sooner you memorize the locations, easier it is going to be. You can collect 4 keys before you start doing phase 3.
  3. Find mainframes: Some of the mainframes will break down and you have to replace them. As same with keys, you can collect 5-6 mainframes from the room before you start events.
  4. Restart Codes: First you have to print out the codes. The printer is next to one of the mainframes on 2nd floor. Once the this event comes up you can use printer to print out codes. Code panels where you have to enter code are side of the reactors.
  5. Purple Canisters: Similar to other, you have to just find 2 purple canister. Very easy to find and also you can pick these up before you start the events.
  6. Swipe Keys cards: Two places are on 2nd floor, next to mainframe displays and other are on reactors.
  7. Hand prints: Similar to above. Some are on next to mainframe displays, other are on.
  8. Activate Things: You get the list of things you have to activate from mainframe. These are red buttons, located in rooms near by. Check the names on the list, what needs to be activate and then look labels on the rooms. If you activate wrong thing, you have to start from the first thing againt.
  9. Last Button: On second floor, there is big red button middle of hallways, just press that.

Phase 4: Again fix the pipes and now you have to enter those codes you at the beginning printed out.

Final Boss: Once you fix the pipes and insert the codes, the strangler heart will spawn into room. It’s exactly same enemy as in the event Hearth of the Swap. Only difference is that is spawn more mobs.

Mission “Meltdown”

(Coming Later)

Mission “Washout”

(Coming Later)


If you do on Novice difficulty, you get some Vault Steel as reward. If you do on higher difficulty you can earn new armor recipes. This armor recipes comes with special effect. If you have full set, then this armor has special effect. To craft this set you need Legendary Module that is being sold by Purveyor for 50 scrips. Also you need Vault Steel that you get as rewards on all difficulty levels.

  • Solar (5/5) – Regenerates health for you and nearby teammates while your health is over 60%
  • Thorn (5/5) – Melee targets and melee attackers bleed. Harder to detect while sneaking
  • Strangler Heart (6/6) – Adds acid damage to all armed attacks. Nearby enemies take acid damage