CS:GO: Full List of Agents and How to unlock them

With “Operation Shattered Web” Counter Strike introduced Agents, what are basically skins to your character. With “Operation Shattered Web” comes 22 unlockable Agents, that are divided into 4 rarities- Distinguished Agent, Exceptional Agent, Superior Agent and Master Agent. With purchase of “Operation Shattered Web” you are guaranteed 1 Master Agent, that if you make to last reward on the Battlepass. Master Agents also come with unique end game emote and voice line.

How to unlock agents?

Sadly it seems there is no free option to unlock these. You can only unlock by buying these agents directly from market or you buy the “Operation Shattered Web”, complete battlepass and earn them from rewards. Battlepass track includes 5 Agent rewards.

Distinguished Agent

Exceptional Agent

Superior Agent

Master Agent