Fallout 76: Zealot’s Weapon Effect not working against Scorchbeasts and Scorchbeasts Queen?

When players ask:“Do I keep Zealot weapon or not?”, people suggest to keep it, because it is supposed to be fine against Scorchbeasts and Scorchbeast Queen. But there are also people who state that it doesn’t work and rather Hunter’s effect work instead. So what is it, does it work or not?

The Test

I got 3 Gauss rifles- Regular, Hunter’s and Zealot’s. 2nd and 3rd effects on weapons are not damage boosting. All three weapons are at the same level, have been repaired 200% and modded the same way (all standard). Also all perks that provide some RnG based damage boost are not equipped. We use Scorchbeast and Scorchbeast Queen as our targets and we aim at body. 


Scorchbeast, lvl 65:
  • Regular Gauss Rifle did 185 dmg
  • Hunter’s Gauss Rifle did 265 dmg
  • Zealot’s Gauss Rifle did 265 dmg
Scorchbeast Queen:
  • Regular Gauss Rifle did: 28 dmg
  • Hunter’s Gauss Rifle did 40 dmg
  • Zealot’s Gauss Rifle did 40 dmg


As far as my test results go, both Zealot’s and Hunter’s effect are working against both Scorchbeast and Scorchbeast Queens on PC. What means, these monsters fall under both Beast and Scorched categories. Interesting thing is, if my math is correct, both effects boosted damage 42,84 – 43,24% rather than 30%, what is written in effect description. 

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