The Culling is making comeback and has crazy business model

Battle Royale game, The Culling, is being resurrected, but this time it is coming with a crazy business model.

In the past, The Culling started out as a Battle Royale game that distincted itself from PUBG and Fortnite with having melee combat and crafting systems. It wasn’t that mainstream game, but it still was a solid game. Few months after release, Xaviant  studio pulled the plug and started building a sequel, what went even worse. With “The Culling 2” they removed things that made the first one stand out from the rest of the Battle Royale games and players did not like that, leading the studio once again pulling the plug, but this time they pulled the plug a few weeks after release. This was not the end of the story. They rebranded the first game into “The Culling: Origins” which also went free to play. The game was released in September 2018 and was shut down in May 2019.

PC version is in the works

Now “The Culling: Origins” is getting revival, but it is also getting a crazy business model. First you have to buy the game, unless you bought or played a free to play version before. Thing is, that is not the end of the business model. To play the game you have to buy the tokens and you use them to play the game. Here is how it actually works…

  • Each day you can play one match without a token
  • To play more, you need to buy token. Tokens come in packs and 3 token packs cost $0.99.
  • If you win the match, you get a token.
  • Having a pass will not require having tokens and there are two passes: 7 day pass for $1.99 and 30 day pass for $5.99

Essentially you could say that “The Culling: Original” is Buy To Play with a monthly subscription based game, which is a pretty bold business model if not right out insane.

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