Crowfall beta starts August 11th

One the most anticipated MMO has now Beta release date, 11. August.

Crowfall is not your traditional MMORPG, like World of Warcraft or Elder Scrolls Online. The developers themselves refer to it as throne war simulator. Core gameplay loop consists from battling with other factions in dying world. The war campaign lasts from weeks to months. So you see now how this isn’t quit what World of Warcraft concept is and this why I wouldn’t even put it into MMORPG genre.

What does beta mean?

Normally the beta means that game is in state where they have finished adding all the core features and now need polishing out bugs before the release. Some games, like Escape from Tarkov, tend to completely ignore this and they have been in beta for couple of years while still adding features into game. As I don’t play Crowfall I am not completely aware if they have added all the features, but checking the news every now and then it seems they have added most of the major features.

This beta is not open, but if you sign up there is a chance you can get into beta as the invite goes out in waves. Sooner you sign up, the greater the chances are. Also if you are willing to put out the money, you can already buy the game that comes with access to testing version that is up 24/7.

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