New World sucks!

I am not going to sugarcoat it and say it out- The game sucks! I can’t really see what has New World to offer. Even if we leave out all the bugs and exploits the game has nothing special to offer. The dungeons are boring, there are no raids, gameplay loop isn’t interesting either and neither are classes/weapons.

Boring gameplay

At first gameplay is really interesting, because you got skills to unlock and things to explore, but after 10-15 level everything feels like you have already seen. On first dungeon (at level 25) you are hoping that things change, but not much changes. Gameplay is still boring. And after second dungeons (at level 35) you most likely are about to quit, because you got confirmation that game isn’t getting any better.

Dungeons aren’t any better

We have games like World of Warcraft what came to marked 10+ years ago with classes that have around 30-45 abilities and now we have New World where you got 3 abilities per weapon (so 6 abilities as you can have 2 weapons at time). Can you see where I am leading the topic- New World is just shallow. More skills doesn’t necesseraly means better game, but in this case New World still fails to deliver.

In New World dungeons there isn’t much of teamwork. Healer spams two spells and that is about it. Tanks don’t really pay attention to aggros and damage dealers just do damage, but whether they do 10 dps or 1000 dps they still succeed. It is like basketball where baskets aren’t counted. I gat that some might like it, but I just can’t get excited in group content where I can be total idiot and I still succeed.

PVP is mess

You can’t really PVP until you are max level, because match make PVP unlocks at max level and no one is going to invite you to wars, because there are more than enough max level players signed up for was.

Open World PVP (WPVP) is only chance you are going to have for PVP, but as WPVP needs players to optin PVP there isn’t much PVP going on. And if you are going to find players with PVP on, you most likely aren’t going to have any fun. WPVP is basically like this…

…Player just runs away and you can’t do anything to stop them. This has happend to me and I have been on both sides. Players have ran away from me and I have ran away from others. It just so easy to avoid combat.

….You get ganked by multiple players. This is something I would call normal. This happens even in best games and is not something you can design out without making game worse.

…No sides dies. This is situation where you both damage each other, but neither one of you are dying. And then you just decided you just ignore it and walk away, because it is waste of time.

Why is game is so bad

Because originally New World never was MMORPG. It was basically survival game where any moment any one could attack you. Guilds were able to claim land and build their guild fortress on claimed lands. There was still leveling parts, crafting part and when you died you lost all the gear, but no experience.

Only year before release they decided that this was not going to work and postponed the game for year. In that year they added dungeons. One year to turn survival game into MMORPG just isn’t enough and New World proves it.