World of Warcraft brings back armor tiers, but as always they got all wrong

Armor tiers used to be something that got excited me for raids. These were unique sets that were only available in raids and this is what made raiding so appealing.

Then at one point they removed armor tiers and excuse for it was something like “We wanted to make raid specific tiers”. That means instead of having to design armor set for each class, they now only designed armor set for each armor type. So instead of having to design 12 unique sets, they did only 4. Some of these armor didn’t fit with some classes at all. For example Shaman uses mail armor and skirt would thematically fit for that class, but Hunter also uses mail armor and skirt would no make sense for hunter.

Now with next update, 9.2, armor tiers are coming back, but as always Blizzard have ruined it.

WoW Patch 9.2 Tier sets

The whole point what made Tier sets amazing was that they were designed class in mind. For example Death Knight set had this undead theme, while Paladin had holy theme.

Death Knight Tier 10 from Patch 3.3.0

Not only have they failed design Tier set from Class perspective, they also have nothing really exciting to deliver. Lot of players have pointed out that new armor look boring as they look very close to each other and also to trash armor.

So basically once again Blizzard have ruined something really simple.