New World designers already out of ideas

Recently there was interview with New World developers and one of the ideas of how to make game dungeon more interesting is the same thing we see in game World of Warcraft.

One of the problem with New World dungeons is that they are dull. They are absolutely boring to play. Rewards are bad also, but the good reward should always be the fun element of the dungeon and New World dungeons are totally lacking it.

Now developers and designers have come out with idea to spice dungeons up with Mutators. And these mutators are basically the same things you see in World of Warcraft mythic plus dungeons. So basically if kill monster it will drop pool of acid and when you walk into that acid you are going to take damage. I don’t know what is official name of this mutator in New World but same thing is in World of Warcraft and it is called sanguine.

Mutators will not make New World dungeons more fun

In World of Warcraft these mutators work because even without them the dungeons are fun. In New World the dungeons aren’t fun, with or without mutators.

New World problems is that weapons aren’t fun to play. Healer spams his 1 button and that is it, he will succeed. There isn’t much he can go wrong and fail when his toolset is so small. Meanwhile in World of Warcraft you have different healers with different abilities.

Other thing is that when you do good in New World dungeons you will not shine. In World of Warcraft when you do good other can see that. They see damage doing great damage, healers healing great and tank is doing what he is supposed to do. But this also goes both ways- When you do bad, it will stand out. That is something that New World players are so afraid and that is exactly why New World dungeons are going to stay bad as long as developers and designers aren’t brave enough to build what needs to be built to make dungeons fun.

To make New World dungeons fun there needs to be transparency

It should always be visible to party members why they failed. When someone fails to do enough damage or heal enough it should be clear after wipe.

When things aren’t clear that means that dungeons content difficulty has to be so easy that even the lowest player can succeed and that is what New World dungeons right now are. You have content difficulty so easy that you can come into with random gear, miss most of your shots and still succeed.

After transparency they need to have clear actions that needs to be done in dungeons

Dungeons should not be about shooting random monster how ever you want and still succeed. In great dungeons it is about teamwork and synergy with other. That is what is making players feel like they are needed in party.

In World of Warcraft tanks job is to lead the group, pull monsters and keep aggro on him. In New World tank can easily let monsters attack other players and there will be no problem with it. Because everyone has healing potions and dodge mechanics. They will survive those monster attacks, but that makes you question about who is failing their job. Dps players getting attacked, means they are too busy surviving than doing damage. In great gameplay design that could lead to failure, because someone has failed in his role, but in New World.

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