World of Warcraft players are making factions to be removed

It is know fact that Blizzard is removing formulas that work and add them back few expansions later, but with twist that makes these features not really work how they worked before.

Take raid sets for example. Raid sets were designed around class style. Warlocks had armor that looked something warlocks would wear. Druids had nature style armors. So at one point they removed these armors and said:”F#ck it. Every one is going to wear fish style armors”. Few expansions later they announced “Raid sets are back” as a feature. Aint that a silly. Best part is that they forgot the core essence of the raids sets. Now if the raid theme is a fish, then raid sets are still themed around fish and not a class. Well this is just one of the examples how Blizzard is moving 2 steps backwards and 1 step forward.

One of the features that players have been asking to remove is factions and it is slowly becoming reality.

As long as World of Warcraft has gone downhill, players have asked factions to be removed.

First some portion of players couldn’t handle open world PvP. So they naturally wanted there to be only one faction. This way there would be no PvP. So Blizzard add opt-in PvP.

But before that I think we got cross faction raiding. Because some people liked being in Horde while their friends were in Alliance and that caused outcry. Similar thing started to happen with Arenas and Mythic+

Now Blizzard wants to allow (or already is) Horde and Alliance to be in same guild. By that game is just losing one of it’s most unique feature. Thing that made World of Warcraft stand out rest of the MMORPGs.