Diablo 4 is overrated

Diablo 4 is a decent way to waste your time, if you can afford it, but from concept perspective it makes me wonder, why does it even have online counterpart? Just so that Blizzard could sell you skins and season passes?

The main campaign is around 20-30 hours long. That is the entertainment value part, because you can play it like a single player game, but what happens after you have completed main campaign, that is where the concept starts to fail.

The game is supposed to be an online game, but where is the online part? Sure you see other players and do online events together, but there no interaction between players. It is like you are playing with bots. With time I have spent playing since early access, I have never seen anyone say something. That is how dead the world is in Diablo 4 and when it comes to group content, there is no group finder or queue system for you to find other players. Either you call your friends, that you don’t have, or play dungeons alone.

When we talk about dungeons. There are like over 120 dungeons, but feels more like there is only one. Because dungeons gameplay is all the same- run around and smash stuff. And at the end of the dungeon there might be boss that has slight mechanics involved, but mostly it is just “avoid sh#t and deal damage”. And since there is no grouping option, the dungeon gameplay becomes really dull really fast.

Makes me wonder why even have an multiplayer part when you play it like it’s an singleplayer game. Why even play after you have completed the story?

Normally in online games you collect gear so that you would do more damage in group and by that bringing more onto table. But in Diablo 4 you collect gear, so that you could beat same monsters again, just now that you are stronger, the monster have also more hp and dmg.

There is clan system in Diablo 4, but since there is no group content there is no real need for it. What is funny is that in Diablo: Immortal all these conceptual shortcoming are not present. Could it be that Diablo 4 is just unfinished product? It surely does feel like one.