Diablo 4 endgame is weak, if not straight up bad

In online games endgame is somewhat always repetitive, but in a way it works, because you are playing with other players and they keep things interesting. Not a case in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 endgame

In Diablo 4 endgame you goal is to get better gear. Just like in every other game. The good thing is that there is no timegating. You can do samething over and over again without game forcing you to take time off. Each piece of gear can drop from every monster.

So in short you are just going to run around on the map and doing random things. Like killing 100+ monsters to collect some orbs or killing monsters before reaching boss or killing monsters to collect blood or killing monsters before they kill npc….basically you are going to just kill monsters that hardly provide any challenge.

There are dungeons called “Nightmare Dungeons” what are supposed to be challenging content, but they are not. The monsters are little bit stronger and your revives are limited to certain amount, but in the end this content is still relatively easy and you are just going to steamroll it.

What makes it so bad?

Everything is solo content and it requires zero strategy. Since you are not playing with other players there is no unknown variable. When you play with other players there is always that part that is out of your control. With other players you never know how they play and you have to adjust to each other to make it work. That keeps content always fresh.

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